Voice of Customer

This independent opinion survey will find out exactly what your occupiers think of the building, the amenities and the service you provide either direct and/or through your property managers.

We’ll use in-depth interview techniques to flush out the things that delight or frustrate them. We’ll spot the early warning signs of discontent and explore what you can do to enhance their trust and loyalty, and to increase your retention rates.

To discover the impact of our Voice of Customer research please see our case studies for The Crown Estate, Cadogan, Get Living, Royal London Asset Management (RLAM), Great Portland Estates and the Cromwell Property Group.

While we have worked across all sectors of the property industry – residential, office, industrial and retail – we have also helped businesses operating outside our niche market. You can read about our work with Intranet innovators Unily here.

Client perception studies

We can conduct a study to find out what your customers think of you. This can be an important piece of baseline research because it will then enable you to make the right changes in the right areas. We can also tailor follow-up training to your particular needs – and conduct a follow-up study to capture the improvements you have made.


Mystery shopping


Ever wondered what it feels like to be a prospective occupier of your building? Our mystery shopping programme will test how well your leasing or sales team are representing you and the building. We’ll find out how quickly they respond to enquiries, what the viewing process is like and how well they follow through. We’ll compare your mystery shop experience with our 15-point checklist of best practices.

We’ll shine a light on the dark art of leasing and sales. Our analysis will tell you what’s working well and spot where you could be losing lettings or sales to competitors.


Front of House

First impressions count! This study will test the quality of visitor experience at your property. Our customer journey starts before we leave home and looks at the information you give visitors on your website and social media. We’ll track the journey and highlight how we feel along each step of the way. We’ll provide you with a valuable gap analysis so you can make a positive lasting impression.

The brand of your building is determined by the people your visitors and users encounter every day.  Our report will highlight how well your brand is really being supported.