Research & other services

RealService has developed a reputation for conducting – and funding – powerful industry research.

If you have a project you would like to research, we have the capability to help you, as you can see below.

Case study: British Council for Offices – The Research Trilogy 

RealService has conducted three major pieces of research for the British Council for Offices:

        • In addition, we completed a best-practice guide Creating Outstanding Customer Experience in Shopping Centres (2012) for the BCSC (now Revo).


          The Loyalty bonus

          In 2017, RealService part-funded doctoral research carried out by Dr Danielle Sanderson in which she discovered a “loyalty bonus” for property companies who could improve their occupier satisfaction ratings by one point on a five-point scale. Read more about her research here.

          Dr Danielle Sanderson


          RSTalk Scorecard

          We have undertaken regular research into 50 major property companies / landed estates / REITs to discover how they use the language of customer experience in their published documents.


          Return on Experience

          We are conducting joint research with our partners at Experience Makers to produce a tool which will measure ROX, the return on experience. Our prototype ROX Scorecard was presented to a wide audience of property professionals at our annual RealService / GRESB CX seminar. You can read more here.


          Other services

          We can also help you with:

                      • Customer experience handbooks and induction guides
                      • Balanced scorecard programmes
                      • Keynote speaking
                      • Recruitment – we can provide CX scenarios for your interviews to make sure you employ the right people