Products & Services

All companies provide a customer experience. Yours does as well, whether you’ve created it deliberately or left it to run its own course. That experience may be wonderful, woeful or just bland.

Our services help you ensure that experience is memorable for all the right reasons. We help you close the gap between what your customers expect and what they actually get. The tools of our trade, developed through working with clients over more than two decades, include Voice of Customer research, customer journey design, cultural change programmes, benchmarking and training.

Voice of Customer

Independent opinion survey

This independent opinion survey will find out exactly what your occupiers think of the building, the amenities and the service you provide either direct and/or through your property managers. We’ll use in-depth interview techniques to flush out the things that delight or frustrate them.


Measuring your performance

We know the importance you place on being able to measure accurately your baseline performance and to monitor progress on a real-time basis. RealService has pioneered the measurement and analysis of customer feedback in real estate, helping you benchmark against your peers.

Research & other services

Industry specific research

RealService has developed a reputation for conducting – and funding – powerful industry research. If you have a project you would like to research, or if you would like help with any other customer experience service, we have the capability to help you.

CX Consulting

Developing your strategy

Our consulting expertise has been developed over many years working with an exciting and diverse range of clients. We act as strategic adviser, coach or facilitator to help you to develop a customer experience vision, strategy and implementation plan for your business.

Customer Journey Mapping & Training

Supporting your team

We equip your teams with the skills to turn the dream of great customer experience into reality. RealService has developed a variety of training courses to inform, challenge and inspire with programmes tailored to your requirements.