The Brief

Howard Morgan, RealService Founder and MD, was appointed by TfL Commercial Development to provide strategic guidance on its customer experience strategy.


Our Approach 

Howard has provided a range of consulting and mentoring services to the Senior Leadership Team. Projects successfully delivered include:

  1. Development of new vision, mission and customer strategy
  2. Design of a new customer experience best practice framework for Build to Rent residential
  3. Design of stakeholder consultation events
  4. Motivational workshops to launch customer programme
  5. Best practice safari to leading peer group companies
  6. Informal mentoring of members of the SLT and management team
  7. Advice on key performance indicators and measurement


The Impact

Feedback from TfL suggests that the support provided by Howard Morgan has been invaluable in connecting the business with the fast-changing mainstream property industry.

By learning from the best in the business, TfL has been able to learn what works well and avoid the mistakes of others. Howard has given TfL reassurance that it is travelling in the right direction and encouragement to make the transition from traditional to customer-focused business.


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