The Crown Estate


The Crown Estate is a leading UK real estate business with a £12bn portfolio. RealService successfully won at tender in 2016 a three-year contract to design and deliver a measurement system to track the success of The Crown Estate’s new Customer Engagement Programme.



We measured customer satisfaction for The Crown Estate’s entire property portfolio. This involved more than 600 customer interviews, carried out either face-to-face or by telephone. These surveys are supplemented by email and by post to ensure the best rate of response.

The property sectors covered by the studies are:

  • London – Regent St and St James (residential, retail and offices)

  • Regional – Retail outside London

  • Rural – Agriculture, farms and estates

  • Windsor – Residential

  • Coastal and mineral – Seabed, cables and pipelines, offshore operations


Our QUEST client portal automatically reports feedback directly to The Crown Estate so it can be actioned immediately. We deliver our findings to the relevant portfolio team and make recommendations about customer service improvements. Results can be benchmarked with peers using the RealService Customer Experience Index.


The in-depth survey work carried out by RealService has given us clear direction about the way we want to operate as a business for our customers. We now better understand our customers and our customer journeys. RealService’s work has been invaluable in helping our people to think differently about how we operate.