Harworth Group plc is one of the leading land and property regeneration companies in the UK, owning and managing over 15,000 acres on around 100 sites in the North of England and the Midlands. As master planners, their aim is to “create sustainable places for people to live and work, delivering thousands of new jobs and homes”.

The company engaged RealService with the view to achieving a brand diagnosis of stakeholder perception and to investigate levels of satisfaction. The areas explored in our research included:

  • The current brand associations of Harworth within their segmented customer base

  • The level of awareness stakeholders have of Harworth outside of their existing relationship

  • Stakeholders’ perception of Harworth’s competitors

  • How Harworth compares in relation to industry benchmarks for occupier satisfaction



After analysing and interpreting the brief we created a clear discussion guide formulated to gain quantitative and qualitative information from Harworth stakeholders.

We conducted 52 in-depth interviews with Harworth stakeholders which included land agents, property agents, occupiers, local authorities, housebuilders, suppliers and residents.

Harworth were able to assess the qualitative information by viewing full transcripts of each interview. The information was also presented through a number of bespoke reports reviewed by the board, plus a bespoke dashboard.

The quantitative information was applied to the RealService Index, which enables our clients to benchmark their results with their peers, while the Net Promoter Score enables comparison with other industries.


“It was the first time we had undertaken an exercise of this nature, and RealService helped to guide us through the process. The final report was bespoke and in-depth, and gave us many actionable insights. In particular, the benchmarking gave us baseline standards allowed us to compare our performance against peers and identify focus areas for further improvements. We would consider repeating the exercise in the future to allow for ongoing monitoring of stakeholder perceptions. We would certainly recommend RealService.”