CX Consulting

Our consulting expertise has been developed over many years working with an exciting and diverse range of clients. We act as strategic adviser, coach or facilitator to help you to develop a customer experience vision, strategy and implementation plan for your business

CX strategy

In times of economic and political uncertainty it is vital you stay close to your customers. To do that, you will need a plan which will identify the activities and resources you will need to deliver the goals of your business around customer experience.

We can help you turn your business into a customer-centric organisation which will leave you best-placed to deal with the ups and downs of the global marketplace.


CX Best Practice health check

A 30-point health check which will identify how many of the essential best practices for customer experience are being deployed at your property. The assessment is conducted through an interview audit process with the building owner and property management team. You’ll receive a scorecard and gap analysis to highlight what you’re doing well and what are the opportunities to improve.

You’ll have a practical overview of the culture, systems and processes that are in place to drive customer experience and loyalty at your property.


CX Team – Engagement

Whether you are looking to sell or have just acquired your building, it really matters whether the on-site team are motivated to provide a great customer experience. This study, conducted through an engagement survey supported by in-depth interviews with key staff, will explore how clear they are about their mission. We’ll explore how equipped they are to deliver great service and what, if anything, is getting in the way.

Our report will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the service culture at your building. It will highlight the individual stars that really make a difference to your customers’ lives.


Supply chain – Engagement

To your customers, your supply partners are often the face of your building. Whether this is your managing agent, FM supplier, security, maintenance or cleaning, these organisations will have an enormous impact on your customers. This review will explore and test their commitment to provide a great customer experience. Through interviews with the business leaders and a sample of their staff, we’ll identify how closely they share your values, what’s working well and what could be done to enable them to give of their best.

This study will help you make the decision on whether there is a good cultural fit with your existing suppliers and how closely aligned they are with your CX vision.


The Building Passport Scheme

Looking to sell your building? We can help you use the suite of options above to create a Building Passport which contains all the details needed to inform potential purchasers of the customer experience enjoyed by its occupiers. The passport is designed to make the process of buying and selling commercial property faster and easier, providing transparency and insight into the quality of relationships with occupiers. Our partnership with building consultants TFT, enables you to utilise additional options around workplace and wellbeing, sustainability and technical performance.