Customer Journey Mapping & Training

We equip your teams with the know-how and skills to turn the dream of a great customer experience into reality.

RealService has developed a variety of training courses to inform, challenge and inspire with introductory, intermediate and advanced programmes tailored to your requirements.

Whether you are looking to motivate your front of house teams or senior management, we can give all the support you need to make change happen.

Customer Journey Mapping courses

RealService has brought this Customer Experience technique to the property industry.

Leading brands use customerjourney mapping to get happier customers, increased loyalty, better brand perception, improved efficiency and higher revenue.

It is a powerful tool for understanding the emotional highs and lows of a customer’s experience throughout their relationship with your company and can be a catalyst for change, to help identify, prioritise and improve the moments that matter most.

Built from the customer’s point of view, it injects customer thinking into the design process and becomesa key frameworkthrough which customer experience can be continuously measured, managed and improved.



You may want to improve relationships with your investors, your clients, your occupiers – or all three – and RealService can help you with customer-experience programmes tailored to your needs. For example, Director Strategy Days help embed CX into the heart of your business while our CX Skills Training programme can help your front-of-house, property managers and other on-site staff inject customer experience into their DNA.