We know the importance you place on being able to measure accurately your baseline performance and to monitor progress on a real-time basis.

RealService has pioneered the measurement and analysis of customer feedback in real estate. We can help you to benchmark your performance with your peers, within your business and with other service industries.

Loyalty and Trust – NPS Score

You’ve been working hard to drive occupier satisfaction and you are looking for a simple way to express the impact on your occupiers. Our Net Promoter Score analysis will enable you to measure customer loyalty using an industry standard metric. You’ll then be able to benchmark how well you are doing against your property industry peers and how you compare with best-in-class businesses like Amazon, Apple and John Lewis.


The RealService CX Index

The bi-annual updating of our RealService Customer Experience Index is eagerly awaited by our clients who can benchmark their results against their peers. The Index rates the property industry across eight key areas and incorporates Net Promoter Scores, with its targets including the “people areas” of communication, the ease of doing business and responsiveness. The other data covers overall satisfaction in different commercial sectors and value for money in terms of rent and service charges.


The RealService Talk Scorecard

This research ranks more than 50 top property companies / landed estates, REITs and investment managers in terms of their customer experience language. We looked at their published documents – from press releases to annual reports – to discover how they referred to their customers and whether their customers were put at the heart of the business. You can read more about our research here.


Our data platforms


Our bespoke software platform, puts real-time actionable customer feedback and insight at your fingertips.

Specifically designed to support the real estate industry, this cloud-based system stores all your customer feedback in one place enabling you to compare results over time. QUEST charts and analysis tools allow you to easily search, filter and share information. You can track performance at a business, product, department or customer level. QUEST keeps your data safe and secure and puts you in control of whom you wish to share it with. With QUEST you can be sure that the information, insights and trends you need are there for you to action on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

The RealService Dashboard

The RealService Dashboard is an innovative product designed by our operations analyst Lasha Gegidze. It is bespoke to your company and can give you real-time responses by question, sector, fund, country – and many more – you choose! You can look at your results today and easily compare them with previous research – it’s the ideal analytical and benchmarking tool.