Our Mission:

We help our clients create great places to live, work,
shop & relax

It has never been more vital that you put customer experience at the heart of your real estate business. At RealService we do four things:

          1. Find out the type of experience that your customers have now and want in the future
          2. Help you design and improve the way you deliver that experience
          3. Measure the impact and benchmark the results
          4. Help you develop your skills and keep innovating

The Result:

Memorable customer experiences and improved
business performance.

Our story

RealService can trace its origins back to a ‘light bulb’ moment that our founder, Howard Morgan, had at a New York seminar in the early 1990’s. Howard was inspired by the simple idea that successful real estate is not just about bricks and mortar – it is also about providing great service to customers.

Howard returned to the UK and shared his vision for the future of the property industry: landlords as property suppliers and tenants as valued customers. He envisioned an industry where property owners would become like the big brands, businesses with whom you’d positively want to do business. After successfully putting this award-winning strategy into action in a high-profile client role, Howard had the courage of his convictions to launch his own consultancy, RealService, in 1999. Even then some mocked the idea of making a living by teaching landlords to love their tenants!

Today, 23 years later, we’re proud that RealService is perceived as a leading thinker, adviser and champion.

Working alongside Howard are his fellow directors Sue Flatto and Louise Freethy. They have brought together a team of consultants with expertise in all areas of our industry who are enthusiastic and committed to helping clients bring customer experience to life. For our clients, and us, the motive is not altruistic – it’s to drive the 3 R’s of real estate – revenue, retention and reputation. We believe customer experience and property performance go hand in hand. We’re a business based on values – we want to be perceived as pioneers, with a youthful spirit, expert in our subject and caring in the way we do business. We’re proud of what we have achieved since 1991 and even more excited about the future.

Our values

Our values are important to us and we endeavour to live up to them in every aspect of the business. We are pioneering, expert, young-minded and caring.

We have been pioneering customer experience in the property industry for more than two decades. In that time – and we like to think we have played a significant role in this – the property industry has moved from adversarial landlord v tenant interactions to one which embraces the idea of tenants as valued customers.

There is still some way to go before the property industry realises fully that it is more about people than bricks and mortar, but we are proud to be a leading advocate of customer experience.

Our directors have decades of experience in the property industry and have worked with clients in all sectors. Our customers have included some of the biggest landlords in the UK and include office, retail, industrial, residential and tech areas.  Our work crosses borders too, as we have clients in Europe and carry out research in a variety of languages.

Our networking and research ensure we stay ahead of CX trends across property and other industries.

We like to think that although we have great experience, we are also young at heart. We like to challenge ourselves, keep abreast of trends and find refreshing new answers to our customers’ issues. We are never likely to say: “We have always done it this way …”.

We have significant involvement with mental health, Alzheimer’s and Macmillan Cancer Support charities. Our MD, Howard Morgan, was one of the founders of the John O’Halloran Initiative, a mental health charity now administered by the RICS organisation Lionheart. The John O’Halloran Symposium has brought together senior property professionals with the aim of tackling the stigma which still surrounds mental ill health.


RealService enjoy partnerships with key organisations. We do this to give our clients “the best of all worlds” and so we can maintain, enhance and embrace our industry networks.

Don’t forget our partners also value the relationship: we are the leaders in property industry CX and they gain the benefit of our expertise.


British Council for Offices
RealService are partnered with the BCO and were commissioned to carry out a series of highly regarded research reports on customer experience in the sector. Howard Morgan continues to regularly contribute to BCO discussions and insight activities.



We are partners of GRESB, the world-leading benchmarking organisation, and have helped frame the section of their annual assessment which covers stakeholder engagement. We run an annual GRESB/RealService CX event which attracts industry leaders and CX professionals, and also contribute regularly to Insights, GRESB’s online magazine.



Experience Makers
RealService are founder partners of Experience Makers, a new community for people “who bring life and soul to property”. Experience Makers is a broad church, attracting members from across the property industry who want to attend events, network and conduct research. You can find out more at www.experiencemakers.com.





RealService are members of;

Work with Us

RealService hires people with a variety of skills including research, consulting, design, marketing, foreign languages and technology. A genuine interest in people and an enquiring mind are essential.

We are great believers in work-life balance and have supported flexible employment from our very beginning. We are an equal opportunities employer, value diversity and actively encourage volunteering.

We are particularly looking for those with language skills. If you’re fluent in a European language, with customer research experience and write well, please get in touch.

If you are interested in joining the RealService team, please email your CV to contactus@real-service.co.uk