About us

Hello, we are RealService

We’ve long believed that buildings are more than four walls; it’s the people and their experiences inside them which bring them to life.

Putting those people first helps build better buildings, provide better experiences,
and sustain better business.

Let’s make a difference together

RealService is inspired by the simple idea that successful real estate is not just about bricks and mortar – it’s also about providing great hospitality to customers.

Our founding vision for the future of the property industry was of landlords as property suppliers and tenants as valued customers.

We envision an industry where property owners become like the big brands with whom you’d positively want to do business, and we have the tools and knowhow to help you make that happen.

With 25 years of experience, we’re proud that RealService is perceived as a leading thinker, adviser and champion.

Our values:


We strive to be true pioneers because we want to ensure the real estate industry radically reimagines how it sees its people. Our vision is simple: Landlords as service providers and tenants as valued customers. 


We use our industry knowledge to create true partnerships with our clients. We will always provide honest, evidence-based insight with the aim of helping our clients prosper in a changing world.


Our creativity allows us to provide tools that truly make a difference to our clients’ businesses. We like to keep abreast of trends and find refreshing new answers to our customers’ issues. You’ll never hear us say: “We’ve always done it this way…”


We are only as good as our staff, so we want to recognise the great contributions our people make to our business and our clients’ businesses. Our ethics and principles prompt us to give back whenever we can so we regularly work with charities to make a real difference.