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What is customer experience in the property industry?

Customer experience in the property industry encompasses the interactions and engagements that tenants, property owners, investors, and other stakeholders have with a real estate asset.

It’s imperative – especially in difficult economic times – that customers are put front and centre of a landlord or property owner’s business strategy. And yes, we call them ‘customers’, not ‘tenants’.

RealService can help you get to know your occupiers whether they are in the office, residential, retail or industrial sectors. It’s vital you talk to your customers at every stage of their journey with you; understand their delights and ease their frustrations to enjoy the three R’s of real estate: retention, reputation and revenue.

Pre-lease experience:

The customer experience journey often begins with the initial interaction between a prospective customer and the property owner or leasing agent. This phase includes inquiries about available properties, scheduling property tours, and receiving information about lease terms, amenities, and pricing. A positive pre-lease experience involves responsive communication, transparent information sharing, and personalised assistance tailored to the customer’s needs. It sets the tone for the occupier’s relationship with the property and influences their decision-making process.

For more information on how to maximise your leasing process, please see RealService’s Performance Leasing Programme.

Leasing process:

Once a customer decides to lease a property, the leasing process becomes a critical aspect of their customer experience. It should be smooth and efficient, facilitated by clear communication, streamlined procedures, and responsive support. The aim should be to enhance occupier satisfaction and foster a sense of confidence and trust in the property owner or management team.

Move-In experience:

The move-in experience marks the beginning of the occupancy and is an important opportunity to make a positive impression. Property owners and managers can enhance the move-in experience by assisting with logistics, offering welcome packages or amenities, and ensuring that the property is clean, well-maintained, and ready for occupancy. A seamless move-in process contributes to customer satisfaction and helps them feel valued and welcomed in their new environment.

Our post-occupation studies can analyse your customers’ move-in experience.

Ongoing occupancy:

A positive, ongoing occupancy experience involves responsive maintenance services, effective communication channels, and opportunities for customers to engage with the property community and participate in events or activities. It’s also now about landlord-occupier engagement around issues like sustainability and social value.

Occupier satisfaction is key to customer loyalty and the best way of retaining premium occupiers in a competitive market.

RealService’s customer insight surveys can measure your customers’ satisfaction, gauge their loyalty and benchmark your results against your property industry peers.

Renewal and lease end:

Property owners and managers can influence renewal decisions by maintaining consistent service levels, addressing any issues or concerns promptly, and demonstrating appreciation for loyalty. Similarly, the lease end process should be smooth and transparent, with clear guidance on move-out procedures.

Post-occupation experience:

Even after an occupier vacates, property owners and managers have an opportunity to solicit feedback, address any remaining issues, and maintain positive relationships. A positive post-occupation experience can lead to referrals, positive reviews, and do wonders for your reputation.

RealService can conduct occupier surveys at move-in, mid-term and exit.

By prioritising customer experience and delivering exceptional service at every stage, property owners and managers can differentiate their properties, foster customer loyalty, and maximise long-term success in a competitive market.

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