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How RealService’s Performance Leasing system can help fill your office space

Give your office building a competitive edge in this tough leasing market

The filling of empty office space has become today’s number one real estate challenge.

RealService’s Performance Leasing system helps landlords, investors and property managers fill those voids. It’s evidence-based, it’s innovative and it works.

It was designed by Howard Morgan, the founder and executive chair of RealService, a customer experience consultancy working exclusively in the property industry.

Here’s Howard to explain.

What is Performance Leasing?

Performance Leasing is a new sales and leasing skills system developed by RealService to help our clients increase the prospect of leasing empty office properties and business space in a difficult market.

Who is it intended to help?

It’s designed for property investors, fund managers, asset managers, leasing directors, leasing agents, marketing professionals and agencies, property and facilities managers, front of house staff … In fact, it’s designed for anyone who comes into contact with prospective occupiers during the sales and leasing process.

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Howard Morgan

How is the Performance Leasing system structured?

The programme covers three stages:

Diagnosis. We’ll carry out a mystery shopping visit to one or more of your assets and review your web and social media profile to test the experience from the prospective occupier’s shoes. We’ll score the experience using our comprehensive RealService Leasing Best Practice Scorecard and present the findings, whether good or bad, in a “no punches pulled” presentation.

Skills training. We’ll equip your asset managers, leasing agents, and support teams through a series of training workshops with the motivation, skills and technology needed to implement the Performance Leasing system.

Implementation. We’ll create a bespoke leasing playbook and provide support throughout this stage to ensure that the Performance Leasing system becomes embedded across your business. We’ll show you how to keep track of the impact and fine-tune your approach to give you the greatest chance of success.

It’s gone incredibly well. It’s changed our perspective on things. I can’t speak highly enough of the programme.

RealService client

How was the programme developed?

The programme takes its inspiration from the sales and business development techniques that are used widely outside the property industry in the United States, the UK and Europe and customises them for our industry.

It has evolved through working with clients from all real estate sectors.

Customer experience: We asked occupiers how they felt about the leasing process

The RealService Leasing Best Practice Scorecard was developed with input from leading occupier rep advisers and their corporate clients. We asked them to tell us about the experience of searching for and viewing office space and they gave us examples of what they liked and what frustrates them. We took these valuable insights and developed a 42-point checklist which looks at the way you do things through your customer’s eyes.

Does it work?

Feedback from our clients has included:

“It’s gone incredibly well. It’s changed our perspective on things … I can’t speak highly enough of the programme.”

“Howard is a fantastic facilitator, and the workshop was a real eye-opener. The sceptics became believers.​”

“We need our whole team to be on board with one ethos, from leasing agents to on-site staff. I can’t speak highly enough of the way it has gone so far.”

How can I find out more?

Please contact Howard at

Tell me about Howard Morgan

Howard is a pioneer of customer service within the real estate industry.

He advises leading property owners, property managers and professional bodies on strategies to improve customer experience and business performance.

In recognition of his contribution to the industry, he was appointed an Honorary Professor at The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, University College London (UCL) in 2022.

If now is not the right time to refocus our approach, then when?

Why is Howard so passionate about Performance Leasing?

Ask Howard about this and he’ll tell you he still gets a sick feeling whenever he sees an empty office building.

Howard knows full well how much it costs to own an empty office building. A veteran of more property cycles than he’d like to admit to, Howard cut his teeth as a leasing agent, asset manager and director of leasing before launching RealService 25 years ago.

Over the past 25 years he’s helped leading Prop Co’s and investment managers rethink their approach to customer experience, leasing and occupier retention.

In good times, he says, no one thinks about the leasing experience from the customers’ perspective. If now is not the right time to refocus our approach, then when?

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