‘Real estate is about revenue, retention and reputation – and our clients understand that’

The message of the 2022 RealService Conference was that our people are key to making the most of a future in which the property industry will embrace customer experience as never before.

“The post-pandemic world is a different world and our services have never been more in demand,” said director and chief operating officer Louise Freethy, who welcomed staff and consultants to their first face-to-face gathering for three years.

“The insight we provide and the customer experience strategies we promote have engagement at board level.

“Real estate is about reputation, retention and revenue and our clients understand that. They know that RealService adds value and it’s our privilege to help them.

“Our interviewers, our project managers, our people who work tirelessly and professionally to provide our high-quality services are our best assets. Thank you for all your efforts.”

RealService founder Howard Morgan’s mantra has been that property is not about bricks and mortar, but about hospitality and the people who occupy the buildings.

It’s our time. Please be part of creating our future Howard Morgan

“It’s our time,” he told the attendees. “The pandemic has shown that landlords must understand their customers. RealService has a wonderful future, and I would say to you, ‘please be part of creating that future’.”

Also important to the RealService business are our values, and prizes aligning to them were awarded by Louise.

Howard received the ‘pioneer’ award in recognition of his lightbulb moment from which RealService was born, his constant innovation around product development and the honorary professorship he was awarded by UCL following his creation of Future Leaders educational programme.

Our data whizz Lasha Gegidze received the ‘expert’ award for his development of the innovative RealService dashboard, while senior consultant April Davies was the ‘young-minded’ recipient because of her ability to embrace any new challenge with positivity.

Jane King, a proofer and scheduler, won the ‘caring’ award for being ready to help anybody with anything, anytime.

Picture showing a line up of people outside
RealService Conference 2022 … This is us

‘It’s people who drive your business, who are the face of your business’

Guest speaker Tricia Heberle was Chef de Mission for Team Ireland at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

She spoke of the importance of putting people first – in her case, the athletes – and having values which become the pillars around which the organisation can grow, and change can take place.

“It has been great to be out of my comfort zone learning about the changing needs and opportunities in the real estate industry for property developers and landlords delivering on customer experience,” she said.

“There are many synergies between your business and the world of sport, especially when it comes to realising that it’s people who drive your business, who are the face of your business – and who are your customers.”

Claire Middleton

Claire came to RealService with a background in sports journalism and lecturing. A sportswriter for the Daily Telegraph she covered the Olympic Games in Sydney and Beijing as well as many other major global events. After moving to Australia, she lectured on a Sport Diploma course and became a media law tutor at Curtin University in Perth. Now back in the UK, she aids the RealService directors around business development, marketing and communications.

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