Over the past decade, the BCO has initiated the driving of the customer-service revolution in the property management industry. RealService has researched and authored three reports for BCO looking at how a customer experience culture can be introduced and developed

Embracing the best practice guidance published by the BCO Occupier Group, Savills has adopted the concept of building performance and developed a new customer-focused business model for managing prime offices and places.

The webinar highlights how Savills has incorporated the recommendations into its property management service, touching on its service delivery strategy pre-Covid-19 as well as how property management as a whole may need to adapt in response to the pandemic.



Howard Morgan

Howard is one of the UK’s leading specialists in customer experience within the property industry. Prior to founding RealService in 1999, Howard was a director of airport property company BAA Lynton where he created “The Property Challenge”, an award-winning strategy to grow the business by treating tenants as valued customers.

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